About Mike

Mike Best is a London-based photographer, 3d artist, designer, creative developer and writer.

Photography is not just an act of observing, it's an act of storytelling.

Mike's passion for photography began on the day he saw his first prints appear before him in the developer tray under the dim red lights of his highschool darkroom. Since then he has worked in both traditional and digital media, photographing people, places and events all around the world, while retaining along his love of exploration and visual storytelling.

His style is rooted in street and urban landscape photography, with a particular interest in enviornmental portraiture. Much of his work explores the psychological idea of 'flow', a state of deep immersion, and often features people caught up in work, play, prayer or protest. He is also fascinated by people's relationshipships to their surroundings and how their physical environments influence what they reveal to the camera. Most recently he has been producing a series of panoramic composite images, allowing for a more impressionistic depection of the places he has visited or have particular meaning for him.

When he isn't travelling and shooting pictures Mike provides services as a freelance creative developer and 3d artist, and has worked with many of the world's top games and vfx companies. He also shares some of his insights and insights about photography, remote work and creativity on his blog at Coffee, Camera and a Laptop.


For commission or print enquires please contact info@mikebestphoto.com email, or connect with me one one of the social media channels below.

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