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Hello, my name is Mike Best. I'm a Canadian fine-art photographer, writer and creative developer based in London, UK. I love visual storytelling in all its forms, and hope to inspire others to create beautiful things.

My main subjects are candid portraiture, panoramic landscapes and abstract photography. Much of my work is based on my emotional responses to the world around me and the places I have had a chance to explore. I'm also fascinated by other people's relationship to their physical surroundings and by how much our experience of each other is shaped by context. I prefer to work on location with natural light and settings. I think people reveal a more honest side of themselves when intensly engrossed activites such as work, play, meditation, and protest.


I graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, majoring in film and video production. After working for a few years as a freelance photographer and audio visual technician, I went on to a career in computer graphics and animation. I have held roles as an art director, technical artist and creative developer some of the world's top games and vfx companies like Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Framestore. Along the way I've continued to pursue my passion for photography, writing and fine art.

It's a passion I've had from the moment I saw my first prints appear before me in a tray of chemicals under the dim red lights of my high shool darkroom. I still remember the sense of magic in that experience; the simple act of going out in the morning with a camera and shooting pictures and then returning to watch all those select moments of time replayed in the darkroom.

Since then the technology has completely changed the way we create and edit images, and I now spend a lot more time working with computer software than I do in the darkroom. But I still believe there is something amazing in the concious act of seeing, of choosing what to record, of going through the process editing my work down and distilling it into a few images that tell a story or convey the emotions of an experience.

In 1997 I caught the travel bug and immigrated to London, were I where I currently reside with my wife and son. London remains for me a city of endless possibilities and subjects, as well as providing a great jumping off place to explore Europe and beyond.

When not out shooting pictures or working on my blog I provide freelance technical art and creative development services remotely to clients all over the world.

If you want to check out some of my work, please head over to my galleries page or read my latest posts about photography, visual storytelling and creative process on my blog

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