Mike Best


A photographic exploration of people at work, play and protest.



A photographer’s weekly look back at some of the greatest works of cinematography from the last century.

Two halogen spotlights with Fresnel lenses. Shooting in the Stud



Adventures in visual storytelling.

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Mike Best

Is a London based photographer, filmmaker and writer.

"I became completely hooked on photography after seeing my first prints develop under the dim red lights of my high school darkroom. Since then I’ve worn many hats in the creative industries: art director, photographer, filmmaker, animator… but whether I was renting out cameras in a camera shop, teaching courses in digital imaging, or working for some of London’s top games and visual effects companies, my core passions have remained; I love watching people immersed in activities, caught in the moment. I love the way light plays off different surfaces. I admit, I really do like a bit of gear. Most of all though I love the way great images tell a story"

Alongside Mike’s own work, he shares his enjoyment of photography and film on this site, along with practical advice and a few tips and techniques as well.

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