Mike Best Photographer - by Ross Buswell

Mike Best Photographer - by Ross Buswell

Mike best is fine-art photographer and owner of Firewalker TV, a video production and motion design company in South London.

Mike’s work is inspired by his travels and everyday life, and often features people immersed in activities or caught up in the moment.  He explores themes of intense engagement or 'flow' and is passionate about the use of light as a storytelling element.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Mike gained an early interest in photography when he began developing traditional film in his high school darkroom. He went on to study film and video production at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, before working as a freelance photographer and illustrator.  As an early adopter of digital imaging technologies, he started working with Photoshop and subsequently taught courses in 2d / 3d graphics and animation.

He has been heavily influenced by a number of street and social photographers ranging from Henri Cartier-Bresson through to Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey, as well as the more conceptual work of photographers like Gregory Crewdson and Annie Leibovitz. A longtime love for classical painting also frequently informs his aesthetic.

In 1998 Mike immigrated to the United Kingdom, where he began working as an art director in the computer games and vfx industries.

He currently runs a video production and motion graphics company helping client engage, inform and excite online, while pursuing his passion for photography in his spare time.

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Phone: +44 141 628 6656