It’s All About the Light – An Icelandic Road Trip – Part 1

A black and white photograph of a snow covered landscape reflecting the sunlight at dusk in Iceland

The endless dusk in Iceland makes for an amazing photographic journey. It strikes you the moment you step off the plane at Keflavik Airport.   The remarkable quality of Iceland’s light.  Even down south near Reykjavik, there is a milky-soft ambiance in the shadows that make it a favourite for cinematographers and landscape photographers alike. In this […]

Guardian Masterclass with David Levene

A shot of fans energetically dancing at the Field Day Festival. Photograph by Mike Best

This weekend I had the
opportunity to shoot behind-the-scenes at the Field Day Music Festival at Brockwell Park in South London, as part of a Guardian Newspaper ‘masterclass’ with award-winning Guardian photographer David Levene.

Switching to the New Cloud Version Adobe Lightroom CC (2017)

Adobe recently introduced an entirely new cloud-based version of Lightroom CC, its popular photo editing and organization software. In this article, I give my first impressions of Lightroom CC and talk about my experience migrating over from the desktop version of Lightroom Classic.

Behind the Scenes – Christmas Card 2017

A behind-the-scenes look how the Best family created its personal Christmas card this year.

7 Tips for Choosing Black and White

Are you considering whether an image would work well in black and white or color? In this post, Mike Best offers 7 tips to help decide if an image is a good fit for black and white.

Sopwith Camel 3d

Sopwith Camel 3d is an interactive online 3d visualization of an original Sopwith Camel biplane that is currently houses at the RAF museum in North London.

Aït Benhaddou

A photographic journey through Morocco’s great fortified city that has formed the backdrop for numerous films.


Exploring Marrakesh’s famous medina, a sprawling old town and marketplace locked in another time.

Ouzoud Waterfalls

Young men face off against North Africa’s tallest waterfall.